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Our family business has been in the trade of household chemicals since 1983, and starting from January 2015, we have been actively taking part in the manufacturing process. Our aim is to produce detergents, fabric softeners and washing up liquids of the highest possible quality with the lowest possible price, therefore our slogan can not be other than ‘Maximum effect at minimum price”.


We supply our products in various volumes: 1.5l, 3l, 4.5l, 4.9l, 5l and 5.6l so that everyone can find the suitable package size for their customers.


So far we have been selling our products mainly on the Hungarian, Ukrainian and Romanian markets so we provide Hungarian, Ukrainian and Romanian language labels on our products. Certainly, we are open to new markets and we would like to cooperate with multinational companies. We aim to develop and expand our production to be able to produce and sell great quantities on a continuous basis. Presently, our production capacity is 20 tons per day, which can be raised to triple that amount on demand.


Apart from production, we also sell plastic bottles, caps and other packaging materials, and we are able to supply products in big tanks (1000l) as well as OEM products on order.


Since our primary aim is to give our clients a fast, precise and flexible service with the expected confidence and of course excellent quality, we strive to execute our clients’ orders in a short time. In order to achieve that, we keep a large stock of our products in our warehouse.


Our opening hours are adjusted to our clients’ needs. For appointments we are available to clients on any day of the week.


For a personalised price quotation, do not hesitate to contact us.


Contact details:

HQ: 4481 Nyíregyháza, Hármas tanya 3, Hungary

Managing director: Mr. István Márton, telephone: +36 70 433 2019

Factory address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Simonyi Óbester u. 33, Hungary

Telephone: +36 70 775 2021