The MaxWash team is committed to providing the users of its liquid detergent products with an exceptionally effective product every time and, to achieve this goal, we use the best formulas. The focus of the development is to increase the satisfaction of the users continuously, which is achieved through the development of cleanliness, efficiency and textile care.

We work constantly to produce reliable quality, thereby increasing the satisfaction of the users.
We research, search for and test different formulas so that our development can focus on freshness, cleanliness and efficiency.
Moreover, we constantly improve the packaging of our products to make them easy to use, easy to store and dose. In this way, we can provide our users with more comfortable dosing, while also reducing any storage difficulties.

We believe that excellent liquid detergent can only be manufactured from high quality raw materials. Therefore, we pay special attention to the selection of raw materials to ensure that the users receive an efficient product in any area of use.

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