The MaxWash team is deeply committed to sustainability. To contribute to a more sustainable consumption during the production and use of liquid detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids and hand sanitizers.

While manufacturing MaxWash liquid detergents, the company has not only placed a precise focus on cost-effectiveness, but also on true cleanliness and freshness.

The MaxWash liquid detergent is not only economical, but also takes the washing process into a whole new dimension, where freshness, cleanliness, efficiency and effectiveness help the users save time, energy and money so that they can spend more time with their loved ones.

For years, we followed the trend of specifically developing and manufacturing liquid detergents instead of washing powders. We stand for sustainability. We can safely say that the MaxWash liquid detergents provide a “greener” solution than washing powders. We love nature, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans and believe that also MaxWash can contribute to a more sustainable consumption.

The goal of the MaxWash team is to play a role in the communication and attitude-shaping in the field of “greener” washing. Thus, it contributes to this noble goal with many washing ideas and dishwashing tips, while our users receive cost-effective and exceptionally effective products.

Why is washing “greener” when we use liquid detergents?

The manufacturing of liquid detergents requires almost 80% less energy than that of washing powders.

We constantly modernize our liquid detergent manufacturing site – through electricity saving, waste saving and water saving – in several areas.
The MaxWash liquid detergents contain a higher proportion of renewable raw materials than the washing powders.

While using MaxWash liquid detergents, we need almost 70% less of the product than we would of any washing powder.

Nearly 80% of the CO2 footprint is generated during the use of the MaxWash liquid detergents, because using a washing machine – like heating the water, spinning, etc. – requires a lot of energy.

Therefore, it is especially important to emphasize that the MaxWash liquid detergent dissolves completely when it comes in contact with water, so it can be used effectively even at lower washing temperatures. Lower washing temperature means lower energy consumption. This not only means cost-effectiveness for the user – they will have lower electricity bills – but also a reduction in the CO2 footprint. Therefore, the use of the MaxWash liquid detergents is a more sustainable choice than using washing powders.

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