MaxWash philosophy

The key to the success of our family business, with many years of tradition, which manufactures fabric softeners, dishwashing detergents and hand sanitizers, lies in the expertise, our excellent range of goods, in the quality service, and of course, in the love we add.

The goal of MaxWash’s dynamic growth is to serve our retail users and resellers who look for high quality and excellent value-for-money goods with our wide range of products at a high standard. Maxwash philosophy: we believe that the tasks done on a daily basis by thousands of families, such as washing clothes and dishes, can be efficient, simple and cost-effective.

Our carefully selected range of products ensures that we offer cost-effective solutions to our customers. As a sign of our commitment to quality. With a constantly growing range of goods and practical packaging, we ensure that our customers get more: washing clothes, softening fabrics and washing dishes would not only be mandatory, time-consuming tasks and hard work, but quick and efficient chores, and they will have time for the really valuable things, such as their children, partner and parents.

MaxWash logo symbolizes our philosophy, showing our brand name and the pinwheel. The six-part colourful pinwheel symbolizes cheerfulness, diversity, universality and playful pastime.

The letters symbolize clarity and cooperation, a close business relationship with our partners, thus we form a unity together.

The parts of the pinwheel symbolize quality. Each part of the pinwheel shows our six main benefits: our professionals, our range, our high quality services, the practicality, our low prices, our short delivery times. In the colours of the pinwheel, orange stands for creativity, yellow for freshness, green for the respect for nature, blue for the water of deep lakes, seas, and oceans, purple for the balance of moderation, red for the passion for our work and our clients, and for the love that gives the solid foundation for the smallest social communities, the families.

Our slogan: Cleanness with love
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