Washing FAQ

Is sorting and pre-care important before washing?

The Washing FAQ helps! Yes, the first step in effective washing is to sort the clothes! To preserve the beauty of the clothes, it is important to sort them properly before washing. The first step is sorting by colour. Never mix completely different colours! Sorting clothes by colour: – white; – light colours; – dark colours.

Does the washing of jeans have practical steps?

Washing jeans is not a complicated task at all, but we should follow a few important steps. For example, remove everything from the pockets and turn the jeans inside out before washing. Please be careful what washing detergent you use.

Does the washing of white shirts require extra care?

White shirts are made in different qualities; their sorting requires great care, even in terms of their quality. Always follow the instructions on the label. This will ensure that the white shirts stay beautiful for a long time. To maintain their quality, do not ignore such instructions.

Does sportswear require special washing?

Some pieces of the sportswear have a special protective layer. In order to maintain them, it is highly recommended to choose a washing program that is suitable for them. Using the MaxWash liquid detergent will prevent the inconvenience caused when washing powder is stuck in the fabric of the sportswear.

What do we need to pay attention to while washing coloured clothes?

Never wash work clothes together with other clothing. The work clothes may contain dirt that can damage other clothing. Choosing the proper detergent requires special attention. In any case, we recommend using the MaxWash liquid detergents.

When washing work clothes, can I put other clothing into the washing machine?

Never wash work clothes together with other clothing. The work clothes may contain dirt that can damage other clothing. Choosing the proper detergent requires special attention. In any case, we recommend using the MaxWash liquid detergents.

Should I wash delicate clothing by hand or by machine?

Usually the labels of delicate items do not allow washing by machine. In this case, we need to choose washing by hand at 30 °C. If we are lucky, we find a program on our washing machine for delicate clothing. This program does not only provide low temperature for our clothes but also lower speed spin.

How should I dry the clothes after washing?

Washing is followed by hanging out and drying. If we are lucky, we can dry the clothes outdoors. In addition to using MaxWash liquid detergent and fabric softener, the fresh air and sunshine will also provide pleasant scents for our clothes. Drying clothes by air after washing is not the only option. A dryer may be a great help, especially for families with children. Of course, only with proper caution.

How can I remove a red wine stain?

The most important step is to start removing the stain as soon as possible and prevent the red wine in the fibres of the fabric from causing even more damage. We might not be aware of this, but the most obvious solution is the common table salt. Salt is known to have extremely good absorbency. Sprinkle it on the red wine stain and wait for it to take effect. The salt works, the stain fades.

Can food stains be removed from the clothes?

Of course, they can be removed, but follow these tips! It is important to remove the food stain as soon as possible! The first and most important rule is not to let the food stain become dry. We need to deal with it as soon as possible. Not only to remove it completely, but also because it may damage the material. Last but not least, it may have an unpleasant smell.

How should I remove machine oils and greases?

All stains require pre-care. Of course, a machine lubricant stain is no exception. Moreover, as it is an oily stain, it requires the most effective pre-care. It is important to use a stain remover that has been developed to dissolve greasy dirt. Apply MaxWash liquid detergent directly over the stains of the dirty clothing.

How should I remove deodorant stains from my clothes?

Apply MaxWash liquid detergent and press it lightly to make sure that the detergent gets among the fibres of the fabric as intensely as possible. 5-10-minute effect time will be enough. and the machine wash can start. Always choose a MaxWash liquid detergent that is suitable for the quality and the colour of the material to preserve the shape and the colour of the deodorant-stained garment.

How should I remove body lotion from my clothes?

Body lotions, skin creams and sun care cosmetics are, without exception, oil-based. It is logical to assume that we should use a stain remover for oily stains. It is very important to buy it with great care. A poorly chosen stain remover can leave a permanent mark on our clothes. We recommend using MaxWash liquid detergent for washing such clothes.

Can stains caused a pet be treated?

As any other stain, a stain caused by a pet can also be treated. As a first step, soak the clothing into cold water without delay. Only then treat the stain with the proper MaxWash liquid detergent. Apply it over the stain and let it work. After the proper pre-care, washing is the next step.

We hope our washing FAQ section helps you, and your clothes will keep their original look and colour for as long as possible!